Characterized by patches of brown pigmentation on the skin, melasma can develop on the cheeks, chin, forehead, and upper lip of women who are anywhere from age 20-50. At Delta Laser and Skin Care Centre, we have multiple treatments available to help reduce the appearance of this skin condition without invasive procedures or downtime.

Located in Delta, British Columbia, Delta Laser and Skin Care Centre is led by Dr. Marcia Fleming and registered nurse Jennifer Sutherland. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find out how our non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatments can help reduce the appearance of your melasma.

What is Melasma?

Also referred to as “pregnancy mask,” melasma can occur at any age but is most commonly seen on women during their reproductive years. Women who have darker or olive skin also frequently experience melasma, and it can also occur in men, but in fewer instances.

While the exact cause of melasma is unknown, exposure to the sun is thought to play a key role in its development on the skin. This is especially true in those who are genetically predispositioned to hyperpigmentation. In pregnant women, the increased levels of progesterone in the body can also see an increased risk of developing melasma, which often fades after giving birth.

In some cases, the severity of melasma is so severe that it can cause avoidance behaviors and self-consciousness. Regardless of the severity of your melasma, we have multiple treatment options available at Delta Laser and Skin Care Center.

How is Melasma Treated?

For those whose melasma does not fade on its own, this skin discoloration can be challenging to reduce without damaging or irritating the skin. For effective melasma treatment, we often recommend our patients to begin using a proper sunscreen to reduce the skin’s vulnerability to harmful ultraviolet rays. We also have multiple medical-grade skincare products by Obagi and other trusted names in skincare to help gently clear the skin without causing more damage.

We also offer the Fraxel® laser to resurface the skin using innovative, fractionated laser technology that is clinically-proven to reduce hyperpigmentation as well as treat wrinkles, fine lines and scarring. The fractionated laser energy stimulates the body’s natural healing response, causing the skin to “repair” itself and gradually create fresh, new skin cells in areas of discoloration.

Contact Delta Laser and Skin Care Centre today to schedule a consultation with our medical team and find out how our safe and effective skin rejuvenation treatments can help clear your skin of melasma discoloration.   


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