Boost skin radiance, refine pores and improve skin texture with no downtime thanks to Clear + Brilliant®.



From the pioneers of fractional laser technology, the Clear + Brilliant® laser system was developed to provide a gentle, yet powerful and precise treatment for the first signs of aging.

For those who long for radiant skin, refined pores and improved skin texture with no downtime, Clear + Brilliant® is an ideal introduction to the benefits of laser skin resurfacing. The initial etchings of fine lines and brown spots are smoothed and lifted away, leaving the skin bright, soft, and even-toned.


  • brown spots
  • pores
  • skin texture & tone
  • sun damage
  • wrinkles & fines lines


The Clear + Brilliant® system includes smart-tip technology and an advanced precision energy delivery system to ensure consistent results with little or no social downtime. By breaking up the laser beam into fine pin-like projections, only a fraction of the skin is treated in a given session. The skin’s surface is left intact, allowing for a speedy recovery and ongoing improvements to the skin with every subsequent treatment. The fractional laser beam penetrates to the depth for stimulating collagen synthesis and targeting pigmented cells which rise to the skin’s surface and shed away in the days following. Mild redness is noted for the first few hours with a few days of dryness as the sun-damaged skin is gently exfoliated. Make-up can be worn as the skin is intact. Glowing, more luminous skin is normally realized within a few days after treatment.


Are you unhappy with the dull and aged look of your skin? Are you ready to reclaim a healthy and youthful glow? Clear + Brilliant® can offer you the clear and healthy skin that you desire. Reach out to the professionals here at Delta Laser & Skin Care Centre to learn more. Contact us today and schedule your consultation towards rejuvenated skin!

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