Photodynamic Therapy

Medical treatment for sun damaged skin and acne.

Photodynamic therapy, or PDT, treats a combination of skin conditions related to sun damage, such as brown spots, uneven skin tone, enlarged pores and early skin cancer (actinic keratosis). It’s also successfully utilized as an acne treatment—a great option for those who are unable to take prescription medication. For many people, photodynamic therapy is more effective than chemical peels and/or topical products, and can be used almost anywhere on the body.

How Does Photodynamic Therapy work?

Delta Laser’s photodynamic therapy involves a four-step process:

  1. Cleaning or resurfacing the skin,
  2. Applying a ‘photosensitizer’ medicine to the treatment area,
  3. Allowing the photosensitizer to be absorbed by the skin, and
  4. Utilizing a light source on the prepped skin.

We use Levulan, or aminolevulinic acid (ALA), as the photosensitizer. IPL or the Blu-U are the light sources.

After the Levulan has been absorbed by the skin, the light source activates the medicine to treat the targeted skin concern. The treatment also shrinks the skin’s oil glands, thereby reducing acne and the potential for acne scarring.

If you are looking for a safe alternative treatment for skin cancer or an acne treatment, photodynamic therapy can provide you with effective results. Contact us to learn more or to book an appointment.

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