Unwanted Hair

Many of us have unwanted body hair and/or facial hair that is frustrating to deal with. Sometimes the hair is in hard-to-shave areas like the back, or results in unsightly razor burn. Other alternatives to dealing with body hair such as waxing, are too painful and time-consuming while you wait for hair to grow out before getting it removed again. Tweezing or threading definitely doesn’t work for large areas of unwanted hair, and electrolysis just takes too long.

For some people, unwanted hair can be attributed to the overproduction of hormones like testosterone or androgen. Often this can be an embarrassing condition if it leads to excessive hair or unexpected facial hair. Many people however, just want to stop or reduce the amount of body hair that they spend time shaving.

Facial & Body Hair Treatment

Since the 90’s, laser removal of hair has been at the forefront of removing unwanted hair. And since that time the technology and procedure has improved dramatically. There are now many different lasers on the market, which are differentiated by factors such as the laser energy’s wavelength, the ‘pulse duration’ (which disables the hair follicle), the width of the laser beam  and the overall quality of hair removal (‘efficacy’). It’s also important to understand that some lasers cannot treat all skin types and colours, while others cannot treat certain hair colours. When you go for a laser removal of hair consultation, the technician should address most of these issues. If not, be sure to ask.

At Delta Laser, we have two type of lasers to choose from, one of which is considered to be the “gold standard” for laser removal of hair: the LightSheer Duet. This laser minimizes the discomfort that many associate with hair removal by laser and is four times faster. The larger of its two treatment heads is incredibly fast and effective for large areas of body hair such as the back and legs.

IPL vs. Laser Removal of Hair

Many people get confused between IPL and laser removal of hair. They are two different techniques and technologies. IPL does not use a laser, although some spas use these terms interchangeably. Laser is “amplified light” and IPL is “intense pulsed light”. While both will remove facial & body hair, IPL is used primarily to treat skin conditions such as sun damage (see IPL Photorejuvenation)—the hair removal part is a happy by-product.

Hair removal by laser – when professionally done by an experienced technician using a medical-grade laser – is by far the more effective means to get rid of unwanted hair. This is because the wavelength of light used by a laser meant for hair removal is targeted more specifically to the pigment in the hair follicle. Unlike laser, the IPL’s wavelength is targeted to the pigment in the skin, which is much lighter than that of hair.

If you’re tired of waxing, shaving or plucking your unwanted hair, contact us for a complimentary hair removal consultation. We’ll evaluate your skin and hair type, and choose the right hair removal device for your needs.


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